A "SICK" Little Secret about Elderberries and Vitamin C!

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A Must Read on the Powers of Elderberries and Vitamin C

Battling the cold or flu?  Recovering from Covid?  Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  This article is for you.

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  We believe “Every Person Deserves the Choice of a Long & Productive Life!” We have that statement on our whiteboards, email signatures, and a shortened version unevenly taped above our Creative Juice Room (thanks, Ted Lasso)


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We like Ted Lasso’s straightforward approach to life’s challenges. While having one of our daily team meetings, Kelby (Arginine's Fulfillment Manager) asked if he could tell people about how we all use Elderberry and Orange flavors of ARGININE MIRACLE to reduce how long we feel sick. As we talked about how to explain it to everyone, we kinda went down a rabbit hole and when we came out of it, we had a new product and we let Kelby name it.

The ARGININE MIRACLE Sick Pack was born.

In that spirit, let’s dive into how the Sick Pack will help you have a long and productive life by combining three powerful Cold & Flu fighting remedies into a simple five-day course: Elderberries, Vitamin C, and Nitric Oxide.


Our last article covered Elderberry’s benefits to immunity and overall health. Check out our article here. SPOILER: We revealed that just 1 packet of Arginine Miracle Elderberry has the equivalent of a whopping 4,791 Immunity enhancing Elderberries in one single dose!

ARGININE MIRACLE Elderberry Checkbox

WHEN WE FEEL a cold or flu coming on, taking large amounts of Vitamin C is one of the most common recommendations from, well, everyone. Doctors, friends, and especially our mothers have recommended this approach for decades. Making one minor tweak to when you take Vitamin C ensures it has the effects you desire throughout the day. 

The human body can process up to 600mg of Vitamin C at one time.

It is recommended that you take 1,200mg a day when you are first experiencing the symptoms of a Cold or Flu. It might surprise you to learn that two doses of Orange ARGININE MIRACLE a day have 1,200mg of Vitamin C! We formulated it for just this very reason.

ARGININE MIRACLE Vitamin C ContentARGININE Miracle Vitamin C Content Checkbox

The last component in our magical mix is Nitric Oxide, and, as you all know, NO is what ARGININE MIRACLE is exceptional at producing all day long! 

Recently, many clinical studies have been done that focus on combating COVID-19. That’s great and all, but what if I have a cold or common flu? One of the “benefits” of Clinical Studies is that they report on everything they find, even if it isn’t directly related to their primary hypothesis. For example, many studies have found that Nitric oxide (NO) is of great significance in developing the natural immune response to many bacterial and viral infections. It is fascinating how it works. We keep finding new data that supports the vast health benefits of the “Miracle Molecule” NO


No..... (it isn’t a special bag you to throw up in) You get those at your doctor’s office (and I highly recommend grabbing 3 or 4 the next time you visit and leaving them in your glove box. Just saying.)

The ARGININE MIRACLE Sick Pack is a special five-day supply of Elderberry and Orange ARGININE MIRACLE drink packets that you take three times per day. Here is the simple trick to give your cold a 1-2 punch.

Consume one drink of Orange in the morning. One drink of Elderberry at lunchtime and another drink of Orange at night. By spacing out the dosage and adding one extra Orange per day, your body will get over 1,200mg of Vitamin C that your body can use!

ARGININE MIRACLE Sick Pack Directions
The new ARGININE MIRACLE Sick Pack gives you the optimal amount of all ingredients. It is also super simple to take. If you are already consuming Arginine Miracle each day, and I hope you are, then simply stop your routine of having two drinks a day and follow the Sick Pack protocol for five days. You will get the combined benefits of Vitamin C and Elderberries without reducing the health benefits of Nitric Oxide that Arginine Miracle gives. Once you finish the 5-day course, resume taking your favorite ARGININE MIRACLE flavor twice a day.


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