Cut the Salt!

Cut the Salt!

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Cut the S**T!?

Pop Quiz: What is the most common advice to reduce blood pressure? HINT: it's in the title! If you said, “Cut the SALT”, you get an A+. 

Salt & You’re Heart Health in 3 Bullet Points

  • Your heart is a pump. Your veins are pipes. Increase the amount of blood being pushed through the pipes or shrink them, and you make the pump work harder. Extra salt does both.
  • ANY reduction in salt intake will improve your heart health.
  • Solution - Be mindful when you consume salt. Each attempt to reduce extra salt has immediate benefits and turns into long-term habits.

Why does that work?

You can track the milligrams of salt you consume each day, but it's difficult making math a habit. Plus, it’s boring. Instead, just make a slight reduction. Take fries, for example. If you want to add a packet of salt, the option appears to be  “Do” or “Don’t.” You have 298 more choices, and only 1 of them is “bad.” There are 300mg of salt in the packet (I read the label.) You can choose to put 0 to 300mg of salt on your fries. By not sprinkling the entire salt packet, you are meeting your goal of consuming less salt, and you’re one choice closer to creating a good habit. Remember bullet point 2 above - ANY reduction in salt intake will improve your heart health.

The trend of your choices is more important than the individual choice.

The more times you make a positive choice, the more likely it will become a habit. That’s mindful. There is a GOTCHA, though. The more you make a negative choice, with full knowledge it is bad for you, the more likely the “choice” turns into a bad habit. That is called “Akrasia,” which happens to be my favorite word.

If you want to reduce how much salt you consume, there is a “‘mindful” process that will work long term, build your willpower, and not make you feel like you’re missing out on the salt of life. 

  • Decide if you want to reduce your salt to improve your heart health?
  • Think of a catch-phrase that reminds you of your decision: I use “Cut the Salt!”
  • When making a food choice, and if you remember the little catch-phrase, be mindful and choose to reduce the salt in a small way. 

Over time, lots of small, mindful changes become strong habits.
That is all there is to it. 

Cut the Salt!


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