How Vitamin's D3 & K2 affect COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Health

How Vitamin's D3 & K2 affect COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Health

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How Vitamin's D3 & K2 affect COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Health

Getting enough Vitamin D is a well-known requirement for staying healthy. When it comes to producing Vitamin D, the sun is your best friend, but not all of us work outside or get even 15 minutes of direct sunlight exposure a day. I know I don’t. Vacations typically have some kind of outdoor, heavy sunlight exposure experience. I think it contributes to holidays being relaxing, but I digress. Let’s talk a little more about COVID-19.

A recent study out of Isreal showed a significant association between Vitamin D deficiency and the risks of SARS-CoV-2 infection and severe disease in those infected.[4] So what can you do? A few things. First, supplement with high-quality Vitamin D. The amount can vary, so if you can, get your bloodwork done to see just how much you have. It turns out that I need more than my wife by about double. Second, combine it with another Vitamin, K2. When you take D and K2 together, they offer more significant support for bones the immune and cardiovascular systems than either does individually.*

ARGININE MIRACLE has both Vitamin D and K2. 400 IUs per serving. That is 800 IUs per day when you take the recommended two doses per day. That is a little higher than the recommended daily dose. However, don’t hesitate to increase that amount if your bloodwork and doctor recommend it.*

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ALLERGY WARNING: (Elderberry Flavor) Elderberries may stimulate the immune system. Those with autoimmune disorders should not use elderberry supplements without proper guidance from a healthcare provider.


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